Sell Your Home for Cash

Sell your home fast for cash


Interested in selling your house for cash? It can be a lot easier to sell your home for cash than you might think.


The real estate market has been hot, but a variety of recent events have also put a lot of pressure on homeowners. Whether you want to take advantage of the current market to cash out before you lose your equity, or a life change has put pressure on you to sell your house quickly, and you just want to skip many of the common hassles of selling a home, getting a cash offer on your property can be the best way to go. 


The Advantages Of Selling Your House For Cash


Whether this is a primary residence, second home, vacation property, investment, or a property you inherited, there are many benefits of choosing to sell your home for cash. Even more so if you sell directly to an experienced cash buyer. 


These are four of the biggest reasons this has become the best way to sell a home.




Selling a property for cash is far faster than through other channels and relying on a potential buyer getting financing. If you don’t want to wait months to list the property, then negotiate contracts, go through inspections, and hope a buyer’s lender comes through a month or few after that, then this is probably the way for you to go. Instead, a cash deal with the right buyer can mean you close in as little as 7 days, instead of 3 months or longer. 


Ease & Simplicity


Serious cash buyers make the home selling process far simpler. You typically won’t have to wait or go through inspections, appraisals, and renegotiations. You won’t have to pitch in with all kinds of paperwork that mortgage lenders are notorious for asking for, and often at the last minute. You don’t have to deal with complicated legalese in listing agreements and all of the hassles of lots of showings, and being confused by Realtor speak. 


Net Proceeds


The old way of listing and selling a house normally comes with lots of layers of costs and fees. That can include real estate agent commissions, paying the buyer’s closing costs, title fees, past due taxes or association dues, and more. 


It is also often overlooked that each day longer it takes to sell your home costs you more money. 


Each day you can be paying out more in:


  • Utilities (water, electric, sewer, internet, pool service, security contracts)
  • Mortgage and interest payments
  • Property taxes
  • Insurances
  • Homeowners or condo association dues


Each day means you are actually going to put less in your pocket. 


Each day until the closing also brings a wide variety of threats that can reduce or wipe out your earnings. That may include storms, fires, falling trees, vandalism, flooding, neighbors selling out cheap, and even the market changing. 


The last thing you want is to have gone through a multi-month process, and then finding out on the last day that you can’t sell your home, and you’ve lost all of your equity, and are stuck with the debt forever. 


Even some of these factors can make a huge difference in how much money you actually get to walk away with from the closing. 


Peace Of Mind 


A fast cash transaction with a qualified buyer is the best and quickest way to achieve peace of mind.


No matter your reason for selling your home, a long listing and contract process will become nerve racking. It can mean many sleepless nights, lots of roller coaster emotions, and stress at home. 


You never know if a financed buyer is going to back out, or if the lender is going to shut down the deal at the last second. 


In a cash sale everything can be done from contract to closing and money in your hand in as little as seven days. 


With a qualified all cash buyer you won’t have all the contingencies in your contract, and can start making plans, with confidence in being able to move on to the next stage in your life. 


Who Should Sell Their Home Fast For Cash?


Just about everyone can benefit from a faster all cash home sale. 


These are some of the specific scenarios in which you may especially benefit.


You Have Equity


The real estate market has gone up in many parts of the country over the past few years. It isn’t true everywhere, and will depend on when you bought, and how much you paid, among other things. Yet, if you have equity, you probably want to preserve it. 


Imagine you bought your home for $100,000 three years ago. Now you may only owe $75,000, and it may be worth $300,000. The market can change any moment. If it plunges like 2008 again, you could be waking up to find your home worth even less than you paid for it one day. Then it may cost you money to sell it. 


Those paper gains are never real until you sell and put that money in your pocket.


Facing Foreclosure


If you are behind on mortgage payments, fear you will fall behind, are not up to date on homeowner association dues to special assessments, or are falling behind on other debt, you could soon find your home being auctioned off. You may not be able to keep your home, but at least you can get some money for it if you sell now. 


Behind On Taxes


You can still be foreclosed on and lose your home without falling behind on mortgage payments. Being late on property taxes is one of the top reasons for this. Falling behind on income taxes can also result in the IRS taking your house. 


Non-Performing Tenants


Having delinquent tenants is very complicated today. Selling may be the only way to get free of them. Failed house flips can be another reason too. 


Damaged Property 


Whether from a fire, flood, wind, vandalism, or something else, you can still sell to a cash buyer.


Inherited Property 


Even though well intentioned, inherited properties can be a huge burden and expense. Converting them to cash can best preserve the help your benefactors meant for you. 




Juggling two properties or mortgages can be stressful. The faster you can get out from the debt of your old property the better.


Sell Your Home Fast For Cash


If it sounds like the option to sell your home for cash may be for you, get in touch with Home Cash today and get a free no-obligation offer...