Sell House Fast

Sell my home fast


Want to sell your house fast? 


Selling a home quickly has become more important than ever. Every day matters. So, how do you do it?


How will the method of trying to sell your home, and the type of buyer make a difference in how fast you can sell your home? What difference can your buyer make in how much you actually pocket from the sale too? 


Let’s check out the fastest way to sell your house, how to do it, and even how to get an offer in 10 minutes, and be able to close and get money in 7 days…


Why Selling Your Home Fast Is So Important


Every day that it takes to close on your home sale costs you money and is full of a whole barrage of risks. 


Each day you are stuck holding onto a property costs you money. It can add up a lot faster than you think too. This can include mortgage payments, interest, taxes, insurances, association dues, special assessments, fines and fees, utilities, and maintenance. For some this means losing hundreds of dollars each day it takes to sell their home. For others it is thousands per day. 


So, the difference in closing in 7 days versus even 37 days can be thousands of dollars you could have put in your pocket instead. 


Then there are the risks. These can prove to be even more expensive. Including:


  • Vandalism or squatters moving in
  • Storms or other disasters damaging or destroying the property
  • Market changes which lower your house value
  • Title and mortgage fraud which can rob you of your home
  • Neighbors selling out cheaply and destroying your home value


It just makes sense to get out of debt, and capture any equity you have, while you have it. No one knows what could happen tomorrow. 


For many, peace of mind is super important too. Every day you are waiting to close on your home means stress and uncertainty. Anything can derail the deal. Until you actually get the cash in your hand, you can’t plan the next steps in your life, or really enjoy the freedom and a bright outlook and plan greater things for the future. 


Needless to say, the faster you can sell a house, the better.


How Do I Sell My Home Fast?


The simple answer is to sell your house for cash. 


Waiting on a buyer who needs financing is a nightmare. Nothing is guaranteed. Virtually anything can go wrong, and set you back to square one. Even if you’ve been waiting months to close, after waiting months before that to get a signed real estate contract. 


A true cash home buyer should be able to complete the transaction and give you money within as little as a week. And you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get an offer and signed purchase and sales contract.


How Do I Sell My Home For Cash?


There is more than one way to sell your home for cash. Though not all are equal. Let’s look at some of the common ways that people try to sell their properties today, and their pros and cons. 


List With A Realtor


It is possible that listing your home with a real estate agent could result in finding a cash buyer. It’s less likely, but anything can happen. Most people using Realtors need a mortgage loan. Even then it can take months for an offer to come in. Then it can take weeks and months to close, if it even does. 


In the meantime you may be legally liable to accept an offer from a financed buyer, and that can derail all of your hopes of selling fast. 


Either way, you are going to end up paying a ton of your money out in broker fees. It often means thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or more less you’ll actually be getting. 




In some phases of the market some homeowners have thought they can just sell their homes by sticking a for sale sign in the yard, putting it on Craigslist or paying for advertisements. 


Less than 10% of all homes actually get sold this way. It can be a lot more work and expense than you think. It can also attract a lot of criminals and scammers to your home. That can be flat out dangerous. 


Even in the best case scenario you can expect to deal with lots of calls and knocks on the door from unqualified buyers, and those who want to low ball you, or ask you to finance the property to them. 




A new breed of big online buyers have popped up in the past few years. Big corporations that want to cash in on the real estate market. They are dubbed ‘ibuyers’. 


They often advertise themselves as cash buyers. That isn’t always the case. Like Zillow, which really uses Realtors to run the deal. That can include double digit fees, which are even more expensive than just listing with a Realtor in the first place. 


They’ll also typically deduct a lot of potential proceeds after inspections, and having you essentially fund them making over the home so they can flip it for a big profit. 


Sell Direct To Cash Home Buyers 


The best option is to sell directly to a real cash home buyer. Skip all of the waiting. Eliminate all of the fees and commissions. Put an end to the risks and bleeding the cash on holding onto that property. 


Evaluating Cash Home Buyers


So, how do you pick the best cash home buyers:


  • Make sure they are local
  • Make sure they really have the money to buy your home for cash
  • Choose those with no fees, and who may even pick up your traditional closing costs
  • Pick a buyer who is comfortable and experienced with issues you and your property may be facing


Get A Fast Cash Offer For Your Home Today 


If you are interested in selling your home, then selling it for cash is the way to go. We can take all of the pain, uncertainty and waiting out of that.


Use our site to get a no-obligation cash offer for your home in as little as 10 minutes. 


If you love the offer we can close on the home, and get you your money in as little as 7 days.